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About Me

Pleased to see you, wonderful person!

Throughout my life I wanted to visualise things I'd like to see but cannot see in real world. That is the reason I became an artist.
In my art I love creating new universes or revealing subtle features of reality which are always around but not for the eye to meet.
My main sources of inspiration include space and science, dreams and desires, children's joy and teenage angst, as well as numerous other artists. One more thing that makes me create more pictures is music.

I am most comfortable with digital art. I use Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS6 for the majority of my works.


∆ Self-taught digital artist
∆ Illustrator since 2010
∆ Winner of "California Lifestyle and Culture" worldwide competition held by NSAD (2014)
∆ Art-exhibition "Atmosphere" in the USUAA (2016)
∆ MNTR "Fugitives" (2017) - booklet illustrations


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VIRINK: virink.com/makoyaaan

E-mail: 09yerblues@gmail.com
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